The 2017 vintage in Beaujolais : Immense quality

Publié le 16/11/2017

28 August was the official start to the harvest in the vineyards of Beaujolais. A precocity remarked by Delphine Engel, œnologist at the Chamber of Agriculture of the Rhône, with almost three weeks in advance of last year, and grapes that were reduced in quantity but of very great quality.

Less volume but exceptional quality

Spring temperatures were hot in the Beaujolais at the moment when the vines were flowering. As a result, not all of the flowers developed into fruit, and there were less berries per bunch. Sparse rainfall also meant that the berries were smaller. For the winemaking, this is a good thing. “The aromas, colour and tannins are in the grape skins. Since the berries are small, we will be able to extract a lot of richness and texture in relation to the quantity of juice”, explains Delphine Engel. Light showers just before picking starting in the Beaujolais also allowed the grape to recover good levels of freshness after a period of great heat. In short, the 2017 vintage promises to be remarkable.

A magnificent harvest for the parcels of Domaine des Souchons

Picking began at the Domaine on 6 September. The hailstorms of 10 July and especially 30 July finally had an impact on the quantity but not on the quality. The dry heatwave of the summer reduced yields, especially in vines that had been grassed over, but allowed the grapes to be picked in excellent sanitary condition. Concentration and richness characterize this resplendent vintage at Morgon. The wines are full, nicely structured with good volume, and merit careful ageing.