Burgundy vineyards victims of bad weather

Publié le 14/06/2016

Buds blackened by frost, floods, vines covered by hailstones like a carpet of snow: the months of April and May had some really bad surprises for Burgundian producers.

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Ravaged by hailstorms at the end of May, some Burgundian vineyards, particularly those in the Yonne region, suffered heavy damage (Saint-Bris-le-Vineux, Chitry and Préhy).

This latest episode followed unexpected bad weather that had hit the Chablis region fifteen days before. Broken branches, leaves and buds torn off:  close to 500 hectares of vines also hit by hailstorms.

2016 is certainly not going easy on Burgundian wine-growers!
A few weeks ago, some of the vines suffered a black frost, which destroyed numerous buds. Floods also affected numerous areas in mid-May.

Huge blows for the industry, which portends a much jeopardized harvest in certain areas.