The cornerstone of our ambition
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Our quality control system, within the framework of our HACCP (Hazard Analyses Critical Control Point) study and our different accreditations (International Food Standard and British Retail Consortium), is at the heart of our enterprise. As such it is a precious tool in the continuous improvement in our internal systems.
  Following our policy of sustainable viticulture, we propose wines that are approved "Terra Vitis", the seal of French winegrower-winemakers who respect nature, Man and wine. The Terra Vitis label guarantees the production of quality wines through the use of ecologically optimised methods in order to protect the viticultural heritage for future generations. It has consequently become the national reference in sustainable and integrated viticulture.  

Our engagements

  • Total client satisfaction
  • Conformity to food safety standards and the respect of best practice
  • Respect for the rules concerning ethics, hygiene and employee security
  • Organisational improvement through the respect of internal communications and processes
  • Respect for the environment and work for sustainable development

Constant quality control

We undertake regular checks and verifications all through the life of our products. In concrete terms this means:
  • sensory evaluation tastings
  • physiochemical analyses by FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)
  • microbiological analyses
  • systematic checks on the bottling lines
These analyses are carried out at every stage: when wines are selected from our suppliers, when they arrive at our premises, after blending, during preparation for bottling, during bottling, and finally, on the finished product.


The entire process follows strict procedures, ensuring the traceability of every element involved in the creation of the product right up to its arrival at the final customer. Each quality control operation, every action and all items linked to the product are recorded in the interests of total transparency and traceability.

Our waste management policy

In accordance with our desire to preserve the environment we have put in place an ambitious waste management policy, which on a day to day basis includes:
  • Positive action to reduce waste
  • Reclamation and recycling of products at the end of their useful life
  • The use of an industrial waste water treatment plant