Our team

47 wine professionals at your service

Visionary management driven by passion

The secret of the success of our business lies in the passion and the vision of our two directors, who have a perfect knowledge of French terroirs, and of the wine world and all those connected with it.

Experienced oenologists attentive to your needs

Wine is a true inspiration for our oenologists! They constantly seek out the best grape varieties, the terroirs where they flourish and the ideal blends. They have been chosen for their breadth of experience in France and abroad, and for their insight which enables them to propose the very best wines that will fully correspond to your needs.

A commercial service for French and Export Sales for your every requirement

With their in-depth product knowledge and their international culture, our sales force and our commercial assistants will be able to help you with any question and offer personalised monitoring of all your references.

An in-house marketing department for customised products

No more generic designs and passe-partout wines. You are the one in total control of your own range, able to propose wines that reflect your style, that stand out from the crowd and correspond to your customers' tastes. We can advise you all along the line from the choice of your assortment to the packaging of the finished product. We are able to propose own brand products and develop the look that you have in mind. It’s the occasion to give real brand identity to your products!

A Quality and Environment service to ensure products of the highest integrity

We adhere to a precise and strict specifications charter imposed by each appellation, and we can respond and adapt to your requirements. We are IFS and BRC certified and accredited by the major European distributors. We are also certified Ecocert for the bottling of organic wines (NOP for the USA)

A qualified technical team to guarantee top quality finished products

All of our technicians are specialists in their field. With perfect mastery of their skills they are able to ensure that the wines and all finished products are of impeccable quality.