Our premises

In the heart of the French vineyards
notre-siteWe are ideally situated at Saint-Jean-d’Ardières in the Rhône, at the confluence of three great winemaking regions: the Rhone Valley, the Beaujolais and Greater Burgundy. On our site of around 3 hectares we possess a state of the art installation which allows us to maintain a high level of service, gaining us recognition as a reference amongst trading houses that blend their own wines, and as experts in wine craft. Our premises of 8,000m² are made up of:
  • A storage zone for dry goods (labels, capsules and cartons for example)
  • A cellar of 56 vats with a total capacity of 25,000 hectolitres/li>
  • A production area with two ultra-modern bottling lines capable of handling between 8,000 and 12,000 bottles per hour
  • A warehousing facility where the wines are stored in optimum conditions after bottling, before being expedited to destinations all around the world.
How to find us: Grands Vins Sélection 696 route de Champanard 69220 Saint-Jean-d'Ardières FRANCE
Grands Vins Sélection,696 route de Champanard,69220 Saint-Jean-d'Ardières
  How to contact us: contact@grandsvinsselection.fr