Creating a customer purchasing trigger
Marketing is one of the great strengths of Grands Vins Sélection; understanding the markets, anticipating trends, and knowing what will motivate a customer purchase.

Consultancy and advice in product creation

We act just like a marketing agency, with a close-knit team who are experts in both French and international markets. We analyse our clients’ existing range so that we can recommend the appropriate product to complete it, or suggest a remodelling of the range to help it stand out on the shelves. We create a concept and image based on precise marketing positioning, and look after the practical elements involved in its realisation, such as packaging, product quality, price structure, etc.

Customised packaging

We design labels that will correspond to the prescribed image and positioning, and that will communicate the desired message. In our desire for efficiency we always propose at least 2 or 3 variants so that the client can make their own choice.

A wide network of designers

To avoid falling into a single, unique style we call on numerous different graphic designers, which allows us be more creative and responsive to the individual requirements of each project.